Blood Clot in Leg Treatment & Causes

2Prolonged Immobility & Genetics

One of the most common causes of blood clot in legs is prolonged immobility. When you are active, muscles in the leg may keep blood moving properly. Nevertheless, if you lie or sit down for so long, the opposite situation may occur and lead to blood clots. This cause is more common in those people who are on bed rest after a long flight or hospital setting. People with medical conditions that affect their walking ability can be at risk as well. [2]

Certain genetic factors may increase the risk of blood clot. A genetic blood clot condition called inherited thrombophilis may be caused by gene mutations. This disease may lead to blood clot in leg on its own or have a compound effect with other risk factors. Also, you are at a higher risk if you have a family member with pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis. [3]

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