13 COPD Signs & Symptoms

2Feeling Short of Breath

This symptom medically called dyspnea is the most attributed symptoms to this chronic condition, as it always appears to be the first symptoms to be experienced. The feeling of short breath differs with respect to several medical conditions; however, most people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder describe dyspnea labored breathing or gasping feeling. Other patients describe dyspnea as air hunger sensation.

At first, you may deal with these sensations whenever you are exhausted. However, this condition progresses slowly, and patients may deal with shortness of breath even while they are rested. Furthermore, a tool called MMRC dyspnea scale plays an integral part of managing this condition, as it helps quantify these symptoms, which aid your healthcare provider choose the right treatment options for people dealing with COPD.

In addition, this symptom produces anxiety and may leave you disabled. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes that may help cope significantly with COPD such as breathing exercise including dietary tips. [1]

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