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12 Skin Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Actinic cheilitis

Actinic cheilitis is basically a precancerous condition triggered by damages to your lip epithelium, which is the outer layer of tissues. While it is not often considered as a severe health issue, this condition would increase the risks of skin cancer. Some common signs of actinic cheilitis include scab-like lesions or scaly plaques, overall dryness, delicate or thin skin patches, inflammation, soreness or tenderness, skin separation and breakage, white scaly spots, wrinkled skin, or discoloration. In most cases, this condition is caused by direct sun exposure, excessive alcohol consumption, or outdoor job conditions. If left untreated, it might develop into invasive squamous cells, which are extremely dangerous. Your doctor might need a skin biopsy to diagnose the condition precisely and suggest proper treatments. [2]