12 Common Causes of Cold Feet

Cold feet is a common sensation in many people at some points in their lives. It can be either a physical sign when you feel cold to the touch or a mental feeling. In both cases, the cold tends to be harmless and temporary. But some cases would indicate more serious health issues that require medical attention. Keep reading to learn more about 12 common causes of cold feet.

1Low Temperatures

One of the most common reasons why your feet and hands feel cold is because the outside temperatures are low. This is a very normal reaction of the body to surrounding environments. When you go outside and do not wear a pair of gloves or socks, blood vessels in your extremities tend to strict. As a result, blood flow to these body parts is reduced, leading to a loss of heat. Since feet and hands are far from essential organs like hearts or lungs, reducing heat and blood flow to these areas can keep warm to more important parts. If you stay outside for an extended period, this reduction would cause a lack of oxygen in the muscles and tissues. Thus, your extremities might look bluish or pale. [1]


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