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Saddle Sores – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & More

Types and Causes of Saddle Sores


This type of saddle sores mainly occurs in the inner thighs. The main cause of chafing is the friction from repetitive rubbing against the saddle when you pedal up and down. Vibrations on the road may also lead to skin trauma, which subsequently affects the skin’s ability to prevent the penetration of bacteria and sweat. For many riders, chafing may also be a result of wearing shorts that do not fit properly. Specifically, their shorts may move around slightly with each movement. The fabrics may also be not breathable, thus worsening the problems. [2]

Skin Ulceration

In more severe cases of chafing, the top layer of the skin may be removed or worn off. This eventually exposes other deeper layers and makes them more prone to bacteria and sweat, which causes skin ulceration. Another possible cause is the pressure of the body against the saddle. When you have this type of saddle sores, it is important to keep the affected area dry and clean to prevent skin ulcers from becoming more serious infections.  [3]