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Caregiving for Parkinson’s Disease – Guide & Checklist

Be Informed about Parkinson’s Disease and Joint a Support Group

Parkinson’s disease is known as a degenerative condition. It means the symptoms will change and worsen over time when the disease progresses. As a caregiver, it is important to get educated about the condition, including its symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment options, and how to help manage the symptoms. Make sure to be careful and choose reliable sources to get information. If necessary, ask a doctor important questions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment. [1]

Caring for people with Parkinson’s disease may be overwhelming and stressful for many people. It is not easy to keep a balance between these tasks and the personal life. Over time, this would lead to negative thoughts or even mental problems. A good way to avoid this is to join a support group in which you can share your stories and challenges with other people who are in the same situation. In addition, you can get some useful tips, ideas, and suggestions to care for your loved ones and yourself better. [2]