Federal Judge Froze a Near-Total Abortion Ban in Alabama

On Tuesday, a federal judge decided to block a near-complete ban on abortion in Alabama, which could make it illegal for any healthcare provider to try or do abortion during the pregnancy.

With this decision, no abortion ban in any state of the US was officially passed during this year. In other words, abortion is still legal in all states.

Republican Governor. Kay Ivey signed a bill for the law in May. The ban would take effect from the 15th of November this year. It was made to challenge around 40 years of the Roe versus Wade, which protected abortion at the federal level.

According to the blocked ban, a doctor is not allowed to try or do abortion during the pregnancy, regardless of the stage. There is no exception for incest or rape, making it the strictest laws among different ones in 2019.

On behalf of abortion providers and patients in Alabama, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Alabama ACLU, and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the state government for passing the law.

In an official statement, the lawyer for the ACLU said that “The decision today tells us what this ban actually means: It is obviously an unconstitutional policy on our basic rights to abortion. Just like others, the ban in Alabama is the result of a campaign in the whole country to keep people from reaching abortion services.

An Attorney General in Alabama said that the decision of the state just was expected as it complies with the strategy of lawmakers to challenge any legalized abortion.

“As we have said before, the objection of the United States is to bring our cases to the Supreme Court and submit any evidence to support our discussions which Casey and Roe were decided wrongly. More importantly, the Constitution does not ban state authorities from unborn babies from abortion,” said the Attorney General.

Other states which also passed a strict abortion ban include Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Utah, and Ohio. With the same motives, the legislative authorities in those areas are attempting to challenge the Roe versus Wade case on the Supreme Court and make use of new conservatives.

“Politicians in the United States, including Alabama, are increasing the risks of people’s lives and health by banning abortion rights,” said McGill Johnson, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.




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