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10 Simple Exercises with a Yoga Mat

Many people think that they need a bunch of costly equipment and heavy weights to work out at home. The truth is that a yoga mat is enough. While the most common purpose of this item is to do yoga, you can also perform many other activities to build your strength and improve overall health. Read on this article to learn more about simple exercises with a yoga mat.

Glute Bridge Sit-Ups

You need to begin with lying flat on the back. Bend both knees and press both feet into the mat. Keep your arms straight and press both hands firmly into the mat. Next, squeeze the glutes and engage the core. Lifting the butt by pressing into the foundation. Your knees should be aligned with your shoulders. Lower the butt back to the floor. This position is also known as a glute bridge. Roll up the core until your knees could touch the chest. After that, roll down slowly to the floor. Keep alternating between sit-ups and glute bridges. [1]