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Upper Arm Pain – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Arms are probably one of the most frequently used body parts. They allow us to perform various activities, from writing and driving to throwing. While many people often complain about issues in the forearm or wrist, the upper arm can also have some problems. Pain in this area would significantly affect your daily life. This is because the muscles in this area are responsible for overall arm mobility. Read on to learn more about common causes, symptoms, and treatments for upper arm pain.

Causes of Upper Arm Pain


Any activities or movements that trigger direct trauma to the upper arm would lead to serious pain. These typically include nerve compression, muscle tears, fractures, or even the disruption of blood flow. Common traumatic injuries include:

– A direct, sudden blow to the shoulder after a fall from a bike or a car accident

– A fall on your outstretched arm

– Displacement of sockets, tissues, or bones in the shoulder

– A forceful and sudden pull when lifting a heavy box from the ground [1]