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Everything You Need to Know About Salmonella


Salmonella bacteria exist in the intestines of humans and animals. People can be infected due to the following causes:

– Uncooked eggs: Consuming eggs from birds with Salmonella could cause an infection. Therefore, you should cook them to lower the risk.

– Uncooked poultry, seafood, and meat: During the processing or harvesting of seafood or raw meat, contamination may happen. An infection could spread when you handle or touch contaminated food without handwashing.

– Veggies and fruits: Watering or washing veggie or fruit plants with contaminated water could cause Salmonella infection.

– Lack of hygiene: Salmonella infections may happen when your kitchen surfaces are not clean and when you don’t wash your hands after changing diapers, using the bathroom, or food preparation.

– Amphibians or pet reptiles: Salmonella bacteria can be found in the guts of these animals. They may spread the bacteria through droppings or contact with household surfaces, furniture, clothes, or toys. [2]