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Common Causes of Night Sweats

Night sweats are constant episodes of serious perspiration that would soak your clothes or bedding. In most cases, they are associated with an underlying health issue rather than other environmental factors. You might often wake up during the night with damp sheets or blankets. It is important to determine the exact trigger so that your doctor would suggest the right treatment plan. Below are 10 possible causes of night sweats that you should know.


Many medications or drugs would lead to night sweats as their side effects. The list includes antidepressants, SSRIs, diabetes drugs, cancer drugs, steroids, painkillers, hormone therapy medications, as well as antipsychotics. If you notice night sweating after taking these drugs, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. He or she will prescribe an alternative way to help you treat the underlying health issue without triggering this condition. Avoid quitting the medications without advice as it would result in some serious complications. [1]