Common Causes of Narcissism You Should Know

Narcissism is a form of personality disorder that makes people have inflated opinions of themselves. Also, these individuals have an intense need for others’ attention and admiration. That’s why they would be disappointed or sad when you do not give them special favors or praise that they think they deserve. In the long run, this condition would lead to many problems at work, relationships, as well as school. Below are some common causes of narcissism that you should know.

1Bad Parenting

Studies have shown an association between narcissistic traits in adult children and different styles of parenting. In general, there is no single behavior in parenting that always causes narcissism. Instead, a combination of many contributing factors and parenting styles would increase the risk. Inadequate, faulty, or bad parenting is often believed to be a major cause. Many people with narcissism were born and raised by parents with authoritarian and permissive styles.  [1]


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