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10 Common Symptoms of Thrombosis

Thrombosis is a health issue in which a blood clot forms below the skin’s surface. The thighs and legs are the most commonly affected parts of the body. In most cases, you may have swelling and pain, but it is also possible for people with this condition to experience no clear signs. In this article, we’ll show you common symptoms of thrombosis.


One common symptom of thrombosis is swelling, particularly in your leg or arm. It is caused by a backup of blood when the clot blocks down the flow of blood. Any lack of blood flow would eventually lead to swelling in the affected area. In many cases, swelling can be the only or first sign of thrombosis that you can notice. If your leg or arm is swollen but you don’t have any injury, then it might be caused by a blood clot. You can check this by feeling the affected gently with your hand and compare with the other leg. In general, the swelling is not palpable and slight by touch. You can also feel it when putting on high boots, workout gear, or pants. [1]