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How to Shave with Acne and Oily Skin

Possible Risks of Shaving with Acne

Acne may cause symptoms on any areas of the face. If you shave improperly, it may increase the risk of inflaming or irritating the breakouts. This eventually makes acne symptoms longer to heal completely. During shaving, the razor may also break open a blackhead or whitehead, which may lead to acne scars later. When you shave without proper preparation or too quickly, it may result in razor bumps or razor burn. Both problems are characterized by a bumpy and red appearance like that of acne.  [2]

Can Shaving Lead to Acne?

In general, shaving does not lead to acne. However, it may cause razor bumps or razor burn, which looks very similar to symptoms of acne. Common causes of razor bumps or burn may include shaving too quickly, using a dirty or dull blade, going over one area too quickly, or shaving without using a lubricant or shaving cream. Studies have shown that these problems tend to go away after 1 or 2 days. The risk is higher in Asian or Black communities.  [3]