What Causes Common Warts

2How Do We Get Common Warts?

If you are experiencing any forms of skin wart, including common warts, it means that you had come in contact with the virus several months ago. Most people often get the virus from others who have already infected. It can be transmitted from people to people through direct contact, such as kissing, sexual activities, or sharing the same objects, such as razors, towels, and brushes. The virus tends to trigger common warts when they have a chance to penetrate your body through a cut or injured area on the skin. Biting fingernails or having a small scrape can be a risk factor for developing these spots. Similarly, nicks and cuts from shaving would create an ideal environment for the infection. That is the reason why women tend to have common warts on their legs, whereas men often have them around their bear areas. [2]

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