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Six Common Skin Problems You Might Have in Summer

Dry Skin

Skin dryness is a common problem in summer, but what’s the correlation between dry skin and summer weather? The cause and effect can be explained as follow:

  • Skin Barrier Damage

UV radiation is the strongest during the summer months. When people go outside without wearing adequate sun-protective equipment, the skin barrier is susceptible to damage.

  • Sweating

People sweat more frequently in the summer season. Perspiration does help bring off heat, but it can also make your skin become dry and sting.

  • Prolonged Stay in Air-Conditioned Room

People like staying in an air-conditioned room in summer. However, the air conditioner will absorb humidity in the air and pull out moisture from your epidermis, making your skin dry.

  • Spending a lot of Time in Swimming Pool

Swimming is definitely one of the most popular activities in summer. Pool chemicals like chlorine can strip the sebum, making your skin turn tight and itchy. [2]