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HPV Infection – Diagnosis and Treatment

HPV or human papillomavirus is a viral infection that can transmit from person to person via skin-to-skin contact. In fact, there are more than 100 HPV strains, which could affect different body parts, including throat, mouth, and genitals. This is the most common STI or sexually transmitted infection. Many people with active sexual lives would get it at some point in their life. This article shows you some important information about the diagnosis and treatment of HPV infection.

HPV Infection Diagnosis

Physical Exam

To start a diagnosis, the doctor often starts with a physical exam. You might be asked to take off the clothes and wear a gown. While you are lying on an exam table with both feet in stirrups, the doctor will insert a speculum, a thin instrument in the duck-bill shape, inside the vagina to keep it open. You will not feel pain, but it might be quite uncomfortable. After that, a small spatula or brush will be used to brush the cervix and collect several cells. This sample is used for testing to determine any signs of an HPV infection. [1]