10 Hemorrhoids Signs & Symptoms

Hemorrhoids or piles are inflamed, swollen veins around your lower rectum or anus. Around 50% of adults might experience the signs of this health issue by the age of 50. They could be either external or internal. External hemorrhoids show up outside of your anus, while internal ones occur inside the rectum. The former type is the most annoying and common form, which can lead to difficulty sitting, serious itching, and pain. Below are some common symptoms to watch for and seek medical treatments early.

1Inflamed Veins

The most obvious symptom of hemorrhoids is the presence of inflamed veins. They can be found around or in your lower rectum or anus. Those veins would bulge or swell with pressure. Also, these signs would show up both outside and inside the anus. While they can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, they are often not serious. Itching and pain can be followed if you do not treat it properly. When the condition progresses, the inflammation can even make it more difficult to sit or walk around. [1]


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