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Pansexuality – What It Means?

What Is Pansexuality and How to Know Whether You Are Pansexual?

The prefix “pan-” literally means “all.” In simple words, people identify themselves as pansexual when they have emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to others of all genders. This also includes those who do not identify them with any gender. In fact, many pansexual individuals claim that they are attracted to others not based on gender, but on personality. Keep in mind that they do not feel attracted to everyone, but to anyone regardless of their gender. [1]

One of the main signs to know whether you are pansexual or not is that you find yourself attracted to all sex genders, not only nonbinary people, women, or men. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are allured by every single individuals, but instead you are able to find those of any gender sexually attractive. Pansexual people tend to claim that their love is gender-neutral or gender-blind. In other words, they would not feel that sex or gender is the decisive factors in their emotional or sexual attractions. [2]