Supplement Nutrients Intake Instead of Food Intake Increases Mortality

The way different people obtain vital nutrients into their body system matters a lot when it comes to promoting good health. You realize that the market avails numerous food supplements that lures more people to find it as the easiest way to obtain the nutrients they need in their body systems. Studies and many research efforts have confirmed that nutrients intake from natural foods reduces the risks of death where the consumption of nutrients from supplements increases the risks of death.

Many individuals opt for supplements as they provide an increased level of nutrients more simply. Most of the consumed supplements include vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals where they are available in the form of tablets, powders, liquids or capsules. When individuals get used to supplements, they tend to replace natural food and meals thus depending on supplements too much.

Research Report

Researchers found that supplements consist of active ingredients that come with substantial biological effects. The supplements include high levels of nutrients that pose a danger when introduced into the body at once. Such a move causes biological processes to run vigorously than the average rate thus casing risks. Some of the risks that may cause matters of life and death include combining supplements with medicine, excess intake of supplements such as vitamin A, D, and iron.

The report from the Consumer survey which was led by the Council for Responsible Nutrition indicated that more people in the USA prefer taking supplements instead of consuming meals and their confidence in the supplements is growing every day to a worrying extent.

The survey continues to indicate that the supplements such as vitamin D, C, Calcium, and Multivitamins only increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and premature deaths as these products contain excessive compounds that force the body to react extremely high. Furthermore, the rate at which supplements are availed in the market industry is alarming where it is getting difficult to control and ascertain the supplements suitable for human consumption and those that do not meet the standards.

Scientists’ Verdict

Another report from Friedman School of Nutrition Science indicates that supplements only increase the causes of mortality where it gets too ate when an individual realizes and start trying to quit. Lifestyle and behavior is the leading cause of why people are turning to supplements rather than taking fresh meals with the right diets. These reports, analysis, and research have enabled the scientist to conclude that supplements only increase the mortality rate in the population. They advocate for people to obtain nutrients from taking fresh foods and meals where if an individual must take supplements, it should be under a qualified doctor’s recommendation.


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