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What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue & Its Signs

The adrenal glands are a body part that produces cortisol. This hormone plays an important role in controlling the blood pressure. When people are under stress or pressure, these glands will release cortisol. However, some scientists think that this process does not happen properly when chronic stress occurs. This means the adrenal glands do not release sufficient cortisol to keep blood pressure in check. As a result, the function of adrenal gland is reduced and causes adrenal fatigue. [1]

Some people who claim that they had adrenal fatigue reported some typical symptoms. These include reduced energy levels, increased cravings for sugar or salt, trouble falling asleep or waking up, and dependence on stimulants. It is important to know that these signs are not uncommon in people with chronic stress or other health issues. Therefore, it is hard to determine whether you have adrenal fatigue or not. [2]