Vaseline for Eczema – Does It Help?

1Eczema and Vaseline

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin condition that causes cracked, dry skin with crusting and oozing rashes. It occurs when the skin barrier is damaged or weakened. This may result in inflammation, dryness, itchiness, and increased sensitivity. Scientists have found that people with this condition do not have sufficient filaggrin, an important protein in the skin barrier. Eczema typically runs in families, meaning people tend to be at a higher risk when their parents or siblings have this disorder. Children with eczema would also have other allergies, such as food allergies, seasonal allergies, or asthma. [1]

Vaseline is a brand-name product of petroleum jelly, also known as petrolatum. It is a jelly-like mixture of waxes and mineral oils first introduced in 1859 by an American chemist named Robert Chesebrough. Most benefits of this product come from petroleum, the main ingredient that can help lock in moisture to protect the skin. When shopping for Vaseline, it is important to check the manufacturer guides and ingredients label. Purchase refined petroleum jellies to ensure they do not contain harmful components. [2]


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