Top 16 Dog Breeds Best for the Seniors

When you attain the senior age, you find that you retire and want a suitable, silent, and most beautiful home where you can retire in the most conducive and humble environment. You sometimes realize that you don’t have the company to stay with you as your children are far away working and taking care of your grandchildren or if you are lucky, then you may have some grandchildren visiting you over the weekends. In such a time, you find that you grow fond of pets, and one of the best pet is a dog. Dogs provide the most excellent company where they eliminate loneliness, keep you busy, play around, and keep you busy all day long. To find that amazing dog pet, here is a favorite list of the top 16 dog breeds best for the seniors.


The Maltese are hypoallergenic dogs who can reach up to 7 pounds when well-bred. The pretty dog has a longer life expectancy that can go up to 15 to 18 years, depending on their health. It’s a portable dog, a lapdog, and one fantastic companion who will never get you bored. You realize that they are exclusively affectionate, intelligent, and very clever, thus making them one of the best receptive dogs when it comes to training. As a senior, you will have a great companion and say goodbye to your lonely days. The dog requires only grooming and observing their health for a longer and healthier life. [1]


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