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Prone Position – What It Is and How It’s Used?

Prone Position for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a condition in which the lungs and throat are swollen and inflamed, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in the lungs and difficulty breathing. This is a typical symptom in many mild to moderate cases of coronavirus. Some studies have shown that the prone position can help patients relieve breathing problems. More specifically, this position allows for a full expansion of the back of the lungs. In addition, you may cough up more fluids in the lungs and improve the transport of oxygen in the body. These effects result in better breathing.

Patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome who are in the prone position should be monitored carefully. Healthcare providers would put them in this position for several hours before returning to the supine position for several hours. If the treatment works and makes breathing better, this procedure would be repeated in a few days. In many cases, this could help avoid the use of ventilators in the intensive care unit. [3]