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Prone Position – What It Is and How It’s Used?

Prone Position and Its Benefits

The position of lying flat on the stomach with your face down is medically known as prone position. It is the opposite of supine position when you lie flat on the back. Healthcare providers often suggest this position in some medical situations to help patients with specific symptoms and conditions get relief. More specifically, those with respiratory distress can benefit from prone position and sometimes do not need a ventilator to support breathing. Studies also show that it may increase survival rates for those on ventilators. [1]

Some benefits of prone position include:

– Improve lung function: In this position, the lungs are compressed by abdominal organs and the heart. This helps reduce lung compression and improve its function.

– Boost heart function due to less constriction of the blood vessels and more blood to the heart’s chambers

– Increase levels of oxygen to the lungs

– Redistribute air flow and blood more evenly to different parts of the lung

– Secretions from the nose and mouth would drain better since the nose and mouth are facing down [2]