10 Quick And Fasy Hairstyles in under Five Minutes

Morning is a busy time of the day when we have a long to-do list. This means that you probably do not have much time to take care of your beauty routine. The rush is real. But this lack of time does not necessarily result in an absence of style. Indeed, you can quickly transform your bedhead, frizzy, or limp hair into a beauty look in several simple steps. We have rounded up some easy and quick hairstyles that you can do under five minutes.

1Low Twisted Bun

The low twisted bun is one of the simplest and most amazing hairstyles on this list. More importantly, it can give you a classy look in a few minutes. The elegant yet very natural look can make you stand out in the office or school. You can begin with day-old curls. A low twisted bun requires texture so that it would fall perfectly. You need to separate the side strands, starting from the ears to your nape. Make a loose ponytail and wrap around to make a pun before pinning it. Lastly, you need to use the side strands to twist your hair around the knot and then pin them back. Make sure they intertwine with the bun.[1]


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